How To Choose A Suitable Nightgown or Pajama

To have a good sleep, I believe a comfortable and skin friendly nightgown is the most indispensable. So how to choose a suitable pajama? Today, I will take you to briefly understand the knowledge of pajamas in the spring and summer seasons. I will introduce it from three aspects: fabric, style, and color

Select from the material: usually there are pure cotton, modal, and silk fabrics

Pure cotton, which is 100% cotton, is a natural plant material with strong water absorption, wrinkle resistance, and elasticity. Generally, after some treatment, fabrics that can be woven high and high will become softer. Summer is prone to sweating, and pure cotton has strong moisture absorption, which can effectively absorb sweat from the skin, and is soft and breathable. Close fitting clothing, especially pure cotton, can reduce skin irritation and prevent allergies and itching caused by polyester or messy fibers.

Modal fabric also has good softness and excellent moisture absorption. Modal fiber is a type of cellulose fiber made from wood pulp made from shrublands in Europe and processed through a specialized spinning process. Therefore, like artificial cotton, it belongs to the category of cellulose fiber and is a pure artificial fiber. However, precisely because it is processed with chemical fibers, some allergic constitutions are not suitable for using this fabric as intimate clothing.

Silk fabric is a pure mulberry silk fabric that can have a subtle massage effect on the skin, absorb and help eliminate sweat and secretions on the skin, and keep the skin clean. The Threonine and serine contained in silk can improve blood circulation, enhance the vitality of epidermal cells, prevent skin aging, and effectively protect human skin from ultraviolet radiation. But real silk should be carefully washed by hand to prevent sharp objects from scratching, and when drying, it is also important to avoid exposure to sunlight.

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Select by style

In order to meet the diverse needs of today, the styles of pajamas have also become very diverse, and different styles still have certain differences. Generally speaking, there are two types of pajamas: one-piece pajamas and split pajamas.

The most common one piece nightgown is a nightgown, whether it is a suspender, short sleeved, or long sleeved nightgown, which is loved by all the little fairies. Easy to wear and take off, free and unrestricted, revealing the skin of the shoulders, neck, or legs, can showcase personal charm.

The split style pajamas adopt a separate top and bottom design, usually presented as a set, with the best practicality and convenience. During our sleep, there will be no situations where our pajamas are pulled up and down. Split style actions will also be more convenient than connected styles.

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Select by color

Because the occasion and function in which pajamas are worn determine that most pajamas may be in relatively light and elegant plain colors. Firstly, because plain colors make people feel more peaceful and able to relax and rest more. Secondly, brighter colors are more likely to fade if the material is not good, and clothes with more dyes generally contain certain chemical substances, which are not good for the skin when worn closely. However, in recent years, some brightly colored pajamas have also become popular, and fashion bloggers at home and abroad have all worn them on their bodies, and the bright pajama style has gradually become popular.

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Post time: Jul-18-2023