Suede Microfiber Poncho Towel

When the summer vacation is approaching, I believe that many people are going to travel, and the seaside will become a place that many people will go to. One of the advantages of the beach travel in summer is the coolness. For people like me who go to the beach to swim, the water is even cooler, whether it is day or night. You can enjoy sunbathing on the beach by the sea and enjoy the cool sea breeze by the sea. In this case, a towel suitable for the beach is essential. Today I recommend you a wearable suede microfiber beach poncho towel which allows you to better enjoy the beach time.

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The reason why I suggest suede microfiber fabric poncho towel is that the suede microfiber fabric has the feature of sand free. As there are sand on the beach, when we use this fabric to make the poncho towel, we just need shake a towel, the there will no sand to make our skin uncomfortable. Another feature of the suede microfiber fabric is light weight and quick dry, so when we wear this poncho towel to dry our body water, the towel will dry quickly, so will not make us get a cough. And due to its lightness, it is convenient for us to take and do not occupy too much space.

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For the design of the poncho towel, Due to the smooth surface of the towel,the suede microfiber fabric will allow us to do customized color or printing on the fabric, like solid color suede microfiber poncho, or with special full printing on the towel, to make our towel unique on the beach. Besides the color or pattern of the poncho towel can be customized, the design of the poncho can also be customized, like with sleeve or without, with adjustable button at the sleeve hole or not, with zipper or without, with hood rope or without. The size of the poncho is usually oversized, as large size allow us to change the cloth inside of the robe, so suede microfiber poncho towel will also be a movable changing room.


For suede microfiber fabric , we can make it to wearable poncho towel, we can also make it to regular beach towel. If you are interested in this fabric or show interested in beach products, please share your idea with us.

Post time: Jun-26-2023