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When you are galloping on the vast white snow in a bright ski suit, even without first-class skiing skills, showing off your beautiful ski suit is still a comfortable thing. In short, whether you rely on skiing skills or borrow skiing clothing, you can become the fashion focus in the ski resort.




For skiing, which is a comfortable and exciting sport, it is important to try to gain a comprehensive understanding of it. What exactly is the origin of skiing? What kind of equipment is popular this year? Understand skiing clothing, learn about skiing, and add a reason to fall in love with skiing, this incredibly exciting sport.




Skiing originated in cold and snowy regions. Thousands of years ago, when people’s production conditions were still very backward, in order to survive in harsh natural environments, humans invented ski boards that could replace walking. Its application allowed people to freely gallop in the vast forest and snow sea to pursue prey. Skiing originated and developed in Scandinavian countries. The word “ski” originated from the Old Norwegian word “ski”, meaning “snowshoes”, referring to skis shaped like narrow wooden boats. The leading countries in world skiing include Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, as well as the United States and Russia. Generally speaking


Skiing is different from other sports venues, as it stays away from the hustle and bustle of the city and immerses itself in the forest and snow fields. In addition to thrilling excitement, understanding the purity and grandeur of the mountains and wilderness, purifying one’s body and mind, is a rare sports and leisure activity. Nowadays, more and more young people are paying attention to and participating in this sport, for two reasons: firstly, skiing is an excellent sports and leisure activity that can enhance physical fitness, improve mental health, and return to nature in winter; Secondly, the equipment for this sport has both professional functionality and practical aesthetics, especially the clothing is very beautiful and charming. Think about wearing a bright ski suit and indulging in the ice and snow, is that just an ordinary attraction?

Ski suits are generally brightly colored, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for safety reasons. If skiing on high mountains, especially on steep slopes, is far away from the constructed ski resort, it is easy to experience landslides or lose direction. In this case, bright clothing provides a good visual experience for searching. In the vast white snow, light colored clothes are not very eye-catching and are easily bumped into by other skiers. Bright colors can attract attention and can somewhat avoid this situation.

If  you really don’t like bright colors, then choose a hat with bright colors so that others can also notice you and avoid unnecessary danger.

There are many ways to match the colors of skiing clothes, and there are many noteworthy aspects from the inside out. You can refer to the following points to choose.

Size: Choose your favorite color and pattern, but in terms of size, it should be slightly larger than the usual so-called “fit”, which is conducive to a large range of movement.

Color: Choose brighter colors. Due to the fact that snow clothing and snow pants are two-piece sets, you can choose to pair them with patterns of the same color or pattern, making the whole body look more cohesive. Of course, different colors can also be paired up and down:

Same tone matching. You can choose yellow snow clothes and green snow pants, although the colors are different, they look both overall and have subtle changes when unified in one color tone.

Contrast color matching. For example, orange and blue, red and green, yellow and purple, etc. require a high level of matching skills, and cannot be easily matched to look good.

It is recommended to purchase pre matched clothing from the store, as it is not easy to make mistakes, and some snow clothes and pants are paired with zippers on the clothes and pants, which can connect the upper and lower body. When sliding on the snow field, there will be no gaps in the snow.

Texture: As skiing is a sports activity conducted in cold environments, it is best not to use cotton products when choosing close fitting underwear, but to use specialized spandex materials that are close fitting, breathable, and allow sweat molecules to penetrate. It has an inner layer of unidirectional core absorbing synthetic fiber material, which does not absorb water itself. The outer layer is made of cotton products, which can absorb sweat on the cotton products, and the effect is very good.

Additionally, it is inevitable to fall while skiing. If there is no jumpsuit, snow will enter the clothing from the ankle, wrist, collar, etc. after falling. The solution to this problem is very simple, just a pair of elastic long knee pads made of acrylic cotton, a pair of wide wrist protectors, and a scarf.


MATERIAL: The ski jumpsuit unisex suit is made of technical fabric, breathable lining and durable fabric, filled with high quality imitation silk cotton. The inner layer keeps the body’s temperature and the outer layer resists cold.

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WATERPROOF: Using high-performance waterproof fabric technology, effectively block the invasion of rain and snow, to prevent water seepage. Meet the rain and snow weather, skiing and other winter outdoor sports.
BREATHABLE: 10000mm, breathable fabric technical from inside to outside and underarm breathable mesh zipper design, comfortable and breathable, quick perspiration.
DESIGN: Non-removable hood.High raised windbreak collar,Adjustable cuffs.Adjustable pants. Full waist zipper, convenient for toilet. Snow-out boots gaiter. Breathable zipper on the inside of the legs,top of the placket zipper has a little shield, prevent clamping to the chin. Snap and zipper at placket, make double protection.

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OCCASIONS: Women’s ski jacket and pants set are perfect for skiing, snowboarding, skating, hiking, climbing, camping, and other winter outdoor activities.

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