Maintenance and Fabric Types of Bath Towels


Bath towels are our daily necessities. It is in contact with our body every day, so we should have a lot of concerns about bath towels. A good quality Bath towels should also be comfortable and antibacterial, care for our skin delicately like clouds, and be wrapped in gentle and healthy after washing every day. As the towel manufacturer, I will introduce you the fabric types of the bath towels and how to Maintenance bath towels.

There are mainly 4 types of bath towels: bamboo fiber bath towels, microfiber bath towels, coral fleece bath towels, and pure cotton bath towels.

1.Bamboo fiber bath towel: Bamboo fiber bath towel is a kind of healthy bath towel which uses bamboo fiber as raw material through careful design and multiple processing. A new type of home textile product that combines environmental protection and beauty. It has strong toughness and ultra softness feature. Meanwhile it has antibacterial feature, good air permeability, good hygroscopicity and good resilience etc.


2.Microfiber bath towel: the fiber strength of microfiber bath towel is five times stronger than ordinary fiber. It has the characteristics of fast water absorption, large water absorption, soft and comfortable touch.


3. Coral velvet bath towel: Coral velvet towel is a new type of fabric that has become popular in recent years. The prominent feature is softness and higher water absorption.its price is also very favorable.


4 Pure cotton bath towel: Pure cotton bath towel has good moisturizing effect. Good heat resistance and healthy to our skin, but the antibacterial ability is weak, it is easy to breed bacteria, pure cotton bath towels is easy to damage health when we using for a very long time.


So learn to maintenance the bath towel is also very important.Below are some tips for caring for your bath towels so that you can enjoy the maximum comfort your bath towels provide for years to come.

1. Follow the care label, do not use hot water and over-dry bath towels. To keep towels soft, use half the recommended amount of laundry detergent. Do not pour laundry detergent directly on towels as this can cause laundry detergent to remain on the towel and reduce its softness.Do not use fabric softener too often and avoid softeners containing cinnamon resin, which can leave a wax coating on bath towels and reduce water absorption.

2. Wash dark and light-colored bath towels separately. When washing towels, do not wash with towels which have zippers, hooks and buttons, as this may damage the coils of the bath towels. Do not wash clothes and bath towels together, as fluff from bath towels may remain on the clothes and damage them.

3. When drying the bath towel, it should be fully unfolded and well ventilated, so as to avoid the growth of bacteria in the bath towel. In addition, frequent washing of bath towels will also reduce its service life.

Post time: Dec-13-2022