2023 Fleece Jacket Purchase Guide

When the weather is getting cold, it is necessary to wear a suitable jacket. Among them, fleece jackets have relatively high breath ability, so fleece jackets are more suitable for outdoor sports and easy to sweat people,like outdoor tourism, cycling, camping, etc., fleece jackets are a good choice, and it is necessary to choose a suitable and comfortable fleece jacket.

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Basic knowledge of fleece jackets

When choosing fleece jackets, there are some things to pay attention to, especially the fabric used. Basically, fleece jackets are made of warm fleece fabric, there are usually polar fleece fabric and Sherpa fleece fabric.Polar fleece is formed in a granular state, while lamb fleece is larger and has better thermal insulation performance than polar fleece. However, this type of fleece is generally more expensive. According to production, there are generally two types of fleece fabrics: single-sided fleece and double-sided fleece.For outdoor jackets, the most common one will be the 2 sides fleece and 2 sided-brushed fleece fabric.By the way different brand, may use different thickness of the fabric to manufacture the fleece jacket.

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Designs of the fleece Jacket

Usually, the styles of the Fleece jacket include zipper style, pullover style, and hooded style. Different brands have different color combinations, including simple plain colors, more vibrant color combinations, or printed styles. There may also be some small design differences, such as pockets, zippers, decorations, etc

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How to clean and maintain fleece jackets

1. If the fleece jacket is relatively thin, put it in warm water when cleaning, soak it for 5 minutes, and then knead it.

2. If fleece jackets have special fabrics, do not soak them for too long, otherwise it will damage the color and properties of the clothes.

3. If you choose machine washing, just cover the fleece jacket with a laundry case.

4. If the fleece jacket belongs to the top level and is expensive, it is recommended to take it to a dry cleaner for dry cleaning.


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Post time: May-11-2023