2 in 1 Surfing Changing Robe

Surfing and diving are popular water sports activities in recent years.Products related to these sports are also increasingly popular in the market. Same for the waterproof changing robe and towelling changing robe.For example, after surfing, people will need a towelling robe to clean their body dry and then will need a waterproof and windproof robe to keep them warm in cold days, and today I will introduce you one 2 in 1 robe, which can combine the waterproof feature and absorbent feature.

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As you can see from the out look of the robe, it is just like a common waterproof robe in the market,2 way zippers, waterproof outer fabric, warm side pocket etc, but usual robe is with warm Sherpa fleece inside to keep people warm, for this one, the difference is that the inside is with cotton terry fabric,which is soft to the skin and has strong water absorption ability

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Same as the Sherpa fleece inside, we can also do outside one color, with different color match for the inside toweling, logo can be matched with the inside lining color. So in usual occasion, we need wear the towelling robe to clean our body and wear the waterproof drying robe outside the towelling robe. So when go outside for these activity, we need take 2 robes, while if you choose the 2 in 1 robe, you just need to take one robe will be OK. Besides the cotton terry fabric for the inside lining, you can also choose microfiber fabric as the inside lining. For the size of the robe will still be large sized style, which can be used as the removable changing roo for us.


We are a experienced beach products manufacturer, we can do customized towel, and customized robe, as the factory, we have multi color options for the inside and outside, we have our production design team, so if you have idea for customization design or plate, you can also share us your idea then.

Post time: Jun-09-2023